Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding Direct Sales Leads:Over 40 Ways

Direct Sales Lead Generation Tips

Wondering how to find more direct sales leads? Deb Bixler has a list of over 40 ways to get direct sales leads other than at a home party.Here are a few from her list at Create-a-Cash-Flow-Show, There are probably more than 40 ways to find leads outside of your home party shows check out her full list, and see if you can add some more. These tips and ideas will work in any business even if you do not depend on the party plan business model.  Here are the first 10 from her list:

1. Realtors, mortgage broker, home remodelling gifts
2. Home owners organization clubhouse shows
3. Bingo: donate gifts to fill basket bingo
4. Use your catalogue, not your business card
5. Leave old catalogues in waiting rooms
6. Hang posters on community bulletin boards
7. Have an open house & invite everyone you meet for 3 weeks before the show (get follow-up numbers)
8. Change hair, nail, spa salons every time you go
9. Tell the HO if you are bilingual
10. Do video tape shows, instead of catalogue shows
Deb has a ton of great resources on her site Check them out!
Click Here to go to Deb Bixler’s Site: Create A Cash Flow Show.

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