Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Test Driving AVON

Would you by a car without a test drive?
Of course not!
This great idea, was in the AVON on Facebook widget we have in our private members area Are You a Member of Future Dynamics? Click HERE for more tips on growing your business. This note was posted by Christine Chisholm Strickland,,an  AVON Representative in the USA, and was posted in a home party forum, perhaps you know someone who would like to take AVON for a test drive? Pass this note along to them. Here’s the note (with a few Canadian tweaks.)

Here’s your Chance to Test Drive the AVON Opportunity!
Would you by a car without a test drive?
Of course not!
Here's your chance to test drive the Avon Representative Opportunity.
Here's how it works....
You are supplied with everything you need: brochures, some samples, and an order book. Tell your friends, and family you’re considering becoming an Avon Representative, and would like them to support you by becoming your customers. Show, and help them shop the brochure, share the samples with them,and collect their orders along with the payment before the due date that is written on the back of the brochures. Remember to remind them Avon Brand Products come with a 100% guarantee!
If you find that being an Avon Representative is for you, we will fill out your contract, set up your training schedule, and get your account registered online. Since you will have your first orders already together and paid for, we can input your first orders of which you, as an Avon Representative, can earn 40%* of the sales!!!! There is a one-time start up fee of $20 due at the contract signing.This provides you with your start up kit. Avon does not require Representatives to carry inventory. Did I mention Avon Representatives on our team get  their own free Facebook store!!! Check out my Facebook Store at the link below.
If you decide being an Avon Representative is not for you, I will gladly fill any orders you collected, and of course, you will get a discount on the orders you gathered. You will have also found a great new Avon Representative for all your beauty needs. Avon could be the key to unlock your future!

It's so simple! Are you ready for your test drive???
I look forward to hearing from you!
Suzanne Sholer
AVON Independent Sales Leader
Note- I’d still like to tweak part of this note. What would you change?

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