AVON brochures are like store flyers. They feature new items and items on sale, as well as posting a number of customer favourites.

Here are the links to the current brochures:

Campaign 3 
Districts 331,307,308,380

Campaign 4  
Districts 331,307,308,380

Campaign 5 Districts 307,308,380, Trend Setters

Campaign 6 
Trend Setters

Campaign 7 
Trend Settters

AVON Brochure Tips

How to search the AVON Brochures

For best results use the 6 digit product code. Product codes remain the same in each campaign except for specials.
Useful short forms for searching AVON brochures:

l/s = lipstick. s/g =shower gel,  e/s =eyeshadow, 
Also searching by scent ( ie. vanilla can yield better results than shower gel). 

Can't find an item?
 If a customer favourite can't be found in an AVON brochure, the product is probably available at regular price. Check the pdf lists for the current and previous 2 campaigns in your info centre under campaign information. If all else fails call 1-800-265-AVON (2866)

Product no longer available?
If you still can't find the needed item, a team member, just may have it in stock. Post an inquiry on our AVON Rep Forum. Remember when getting an item from another rep, they are not making any money on it, but doing it as a favour to you, therefore please graciously take responsibility for the transportation of the item.

In addition, we have started some partnership programs with International AVON members. Watch for details of these new exciting developments!

Archived Brochures

Campaign 25
Campaign 26
Campaign 1  See my 
picks for C1 AVON Deals HERE

Campaign 2 .

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