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Coming Events

 Brigitte's Breast Cancer Fundraiser Saturdays- Woodville Auction Barn Sundays in Lakefield, Ontario Tuesdays- Campbellford Auction Barn
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Recent Fundraisers Conducted By Our Members
Ongoing- Breast Cancer Awareness:Link of Hope Wallet and Bracelet
                         Speak Out Against Domestic Violence: Ring and Necklace
                       Adopt a Tree - Green Up!
Group Fundraising Efforts-
Breast Cancer: Mall MarketPlace : Karolyn M.,Suzanne C., Suzanne S.
Breast Cancer: Scoop for a Cure Karolyn M.,Suzanne C., Suzanne S.
Breast Cancer: Market at Lindsay Fair: Suzy J, Suzanne C., Suzanne S.
Breast Cancer: MarketPlace Karolyn M.,Suzanne C., Suzanne S.
Breast Cancer:  Giant Hand Holding Event Suzanne C., Ingrid, Suzy,Brigitte:,Suzanne S
Pregnancy Help Centre Fashion Show- Angela, Brigite, Suzy, Andi Rae, Linda, Suzanne S.
Breast Cancer Research Fundraisers- Brigitte, Suzanne S.,Suzanne C.
Heart and Stroke Fashion Show- Angela, Suzanne S.
Women's Cancers Spa Day for a Cure- Angela, Suzanne S.
Individual Fundraising Efforts
Breast Cancer Foundation: Suzanne Castell, Jaskiran Kaur

Women's Resource Centre - Crystal Carr asssted by Angela Keenan
Juno Beach Memorial - Suzanne Sholer
Church Fundraiser and Silent Auction Donations- Suzanne Sholer
Cookie For a Cure - (Women's Cancer & Canadian Breast Cancer Research)- Suzanne Sholer
Haiti Relief- Silent Auction Donation- Suzanne Sholer
Charitable Donations
CIBC Run for the Cure Spirit Prizes : Suzanne Sholer
Durham Women's Resource Centre- Fill a Purse Program- Through CAW-Suzanne Sholer

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