Friday, February 18, 2011

AOL Tips

AOL  Preparation Tips For AVON Reps

Suzanne Willsden, District Sales Manager 307, very kindly arranged free AOL’s again this year, and has invited members of our team to participate. These are free opportunities to expand your business, and your team.
Check out the list of dates available by logging into our exclusive members’ only area.Click here.

What IS an AOL?

AOL stands for AVON On Location. An AOL, typically takes place at a public venue, such as a shopping mall, or a fair. At an AOL you have a display about the AVON Opportunity, and AVON products. Sometimes you will also offer fundraising items for sale, such as the breast cancer crusade items. Most AOLs also include a draw.The draw tickets, help you create a mailing list of people who would like to hear more about the AVON opportunity, or receive AVON brochures.

Tools for a successful AOL

Here’s a list of some handy tools for an AOL.

  1. Brochures – Have lots of brochures to hand out! Our team, sometimes has access to free brochures you can use for special events.
  2. Stickers with your contact information - especially handy to put on brochures when you are in a hurry, as they don’t smudge.
  3. Draw ballots – Print out official ballots from your info center, or order from AVON under leadership materials.
  4. Pens – you can never have enough of these.
  5. Note pad or book for notes.
  6. Draw box – While the one you can order from AVON looks nice, it is flimsy. Brigitte has a source for a great locking wooden box.
  7. Opportunity flyers – Information about joining your AVON team
  8. AVON pin or button – Wear something that identifies you as an AVON member.
  9. Table cloth- Dress up the table! Plain is best.(Usually the venue supplies a table)Our team has table cloths you can borrow.
  10. Display items – Our team has a variety of items you can borrow, we have everything from signs to flags, to banners.
  11. AVON Membership kits – at least one.
  12. What’s New flyer.- Show prospects the great deals available!
  13. Another Team member! Sharing your table with another team member, can make all the difference in the success of your day! Let me know the when and where, and I'd love to help!

To find out how to use these items effectively for your next AOL, and a few more secret tools, log in to our members’ area. by clicking HERE.Let me know if you need help getting in!

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