Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Show us Your Vision Board Contest!

Vision boards help clarify and focus goals. The last AVON leadership webinar briefly touched on creating vision boards. Create your vision board and upload a picture of it or bring it to our next meeting to win a special prize!  Join our team today!
Try these steps to creating your own VISION BOARD for 2011:
  1. Visualizing: Sit in a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths let everything become still, and focus on your breathing. When you are focussed and calm, ask yourself: What is my bucket list? How do I feel about my life’s course? Where do I want to go? What big and small things do I want to accomplish in 2011? What would bring me utter joy, peace and happiness in 2011?
  2. Stream of Consciousness Writing: Write everything down! Write as quickly as possible. Keep you pen moving with all the thoughts about your success as they flow into your mind and out your pen.Write everything that comes to mind about how your ideal year would be. No judging nor censoring. All limits off!
  3. Synthesizing: When no more thoughts will come, go back, take a look at what you wrote. Make your goals clear and specific.What colour is that car you want? What do you see yourself doing on that vacation?
  4. Creating: Create a collage of pictures and words from magazines to bring your goals to life. Select pictures that really speak to you showing what you want to accomplish. Arrange them them in a pattern that tells your story and makes sense to you. Glue them on a large piece of poster board and remember to date it.
  5. Reinforcing: Use your vision board. Share your vision board with our team, so we can help support and encourage you along the way. Each day affirm and reinforce your goals.Constantly remind yourself you can do it to keep yourself on course. Add bits to your vision board that contribute to helping you reach your goals. Reward yourself along the way Use a chart or stars to show how you are working towards achieving your goals, so you can see your progress. Use the Laws of Attraction to make your vision a reality. Constantly remind yourself:  you can do it and keep yourself on course.
Remember - only you can make your dreams come true!

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