Thursday, January 20, 2011

AVON Fundraising

Spring Fundraising Sneak Peak

Schools, churches, synagogues, temple, mosque, day care, sports teams, girl guides, boy scouts, humane society, etc....can all use your help !!

Fabulous new fundraiser packs launching in C7 What's New!

Fundraising sets are priced at only $10 (inc. taxes) A great deal !

These new fundraising sets will be available to Representatives from C7 - C19 N (C9 - C21 TS) and will include the following:

• Naturals Vanilla Gift Set 226-361 ($26 value)
• Foot Works Gift Set 226-405 ($23.97 value)
• Moisture Therapy Intensive Gift Set 226-447 ($17.97 value)
• Genuine Freshwater Pearl Stud Set 226-489 ($19.99 value)

Fundraising sets come with a decorative gift bag (or box for the jewellery) making them perfect for gift giving.

Non-profit Organizations: Click HERE to enquire about an AVON Fundraiser.
Organizing a fundraiser is a great way for us to helping our communities.

Why do fundraising?

Helping others makes great business sense. You are probably familiar with fundraisers run by big businesses. AVON has created a great program for us to offer fundraisers to community groups.

Members: Find out more about helping others through the AVON Fundraising program. Click HERE.

Extra “OUR TEAM” Resources

I’m adapting our fundraising slide show, so you can use it for presentations.  In addition, I’m creating a fundraising website,  so you’ll be able to offer this as an online fundraiser as well.

Curious about AVON?: Click HERE –Find out about how to join OUR TEAM, and have access to unique support and resources.

Join OUR TEAM today! You could get over $200 in FREE AVON! Let me show you a  fast way to get $125  or more in bonuses right from the start!

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