Monday, January 10, 2011

Question of the Week- Jump Starts

Q. How do I add my Jump Starts to my order?
A. First, welcome to our AVON Team! You must be excited about the new $125 FREEBIE you’ll be getting with your first qualified paid order.This is a special  limited time offer for new members. Be sure to read the tips in our members’ area to learn how to get this great FREEBIE!!

For all the members of our team, let’s revisit the Jump Starts, as they have changed.
Here’s a little fill-in-the-blank fun:
Jump Starts are the amazing d_______ new members can get when they first join A_______.  There are ______  Jump Start deals for new members including:
  1. Neutrals colour kit which has:  ___ shadow quad, _____enamel, lip____, _______, and _____.
  2. _______ colour kit with the same items but in _______.
  3. AVON favourites pack with which _____ favourites?
  4. Clearskin P___________ pack
  5. ANEW Reversalist Skin _____ Regimen as seen on TV including:_______,________,________.
  6. ANEW Rejuvenate R________ for Skin up to age 35 including (which full size products).
  7. ANEW Ultimate Skin Care kit  for skin  ____and better (including which full size products).
New _________ get savings of up to _________ on these items and can even  get a full size skin care set FREE when they place a qualifying paid order within their first ____ Campaigns (approximately ___ weeks)! Our team has great ways to help new _________ get their FREE skin care kit. You can read some of these tips in our members’ blog Team ______ and ask questions in our members’ ________.  Ordering _______ Start items will put you on the fast track to AVON _._. _._._. Rewards where you can have guaranteed savings of ____% to 50% off all AVON items until ____________.
Jump S_____ are on the folded flyer you received with your kit, your leader showed you during your T_ Build Your B_____ Training. (It may even be the reason you joined A_______). You can order only ____ of each deal from the Jump Start _______ during the first three ________ you are in AVON.
Jump Starts are amazing deals, and better yet, they  count at the ______ price toward your _______ awards, but are available at the deal shown (plus taxes-It’s like using a _________at the grocery store.)  Any of the ANEW products in your Jump Starts can count __________ toward your __________.
How to order Your Jump Starts
Click Here to Go to our FREE members only section for the ordering tips slide show.

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