Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family AVON treasures

My mother, and her mother both loved AVON, and chances are her mother loved AVON too. A visit from the AVON lady was always welcome, as she brought samples, and interesting new things to see. I could always count on receiving a perfume sachet pin for each holiday, while AVON bubble bath, perfume, and hair care products were staples in our home.  I found pictures and prices of several of our family AVON treasures online. While none of these are priceless, they hold wonderful memories:

One of my sister’s treasured AVON bottles is this Royal Swan (which I didn’t dare touch when we were growing up.) I’ve seen this priced any where from 3.99 to $25.

My mother collected eggs. One of my first AVON purchases was this AVON  egg bird of paradise cologne bottle.


Last year, I found out how much fun sharing my love of AVON products with others could be, AND the amazing discounts AVON members receive.  Being part of an AVON team is fun. I especially enjoy our product nights when we get together with our favourites to try on clothes and try out products. Perhaps at our next meeting we could bring an AVON treasure to show and share.

What AVON treasures do you have?

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