Monday, November 1, 2010

Curious about Dermabrasion?

Fine, dry lines? Enlarged pores? Rough texture? Uneven skin tone or dark age spots?

These are some skin imperfections for which people get professional dermabrasion, a surgical procedure to remove the upper layers of skin which allows for new skin re-growth. This procedure can cost thousands of dollars. Several skincare companies have introduced home solutions to dermabrasion, AVON’s being the most cost effective.

The AVON Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System (retailing in C23 for $25) is a great product to demo at a spa party. The two conjoined tubes have a unique delivery system that proportionally dispenses increasing intensities of Dermatologist-Grade Polishers and an Advanced Skin Conditioner for a whole new level of youthful, radiant-looking skin.  People really notice a difference especially if used on half of their face, and the dispensing system is memorable.

How to Use AVON’s Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System
Starting with level 1, use two to three times a week for 2 weeks before proceeding to the next level. After completing all 4 levels let skin rest for 2-3 weeks, then repeat level 1-4.
This is a must-have treatment for anyone with:
- fine, dry lines
- rough texture
- enlarged pores
- uneven skin tone & dark age spots
To dispense:
Turn dial counter-clockwise lining arrow up with Level 1. Hold tube vertically with dial facing down and squeeze evenly at center. Dispense a quarter-size amount (white pearlescent cream). Mix in hands. Apply to wet skin. Massage evenly 1-2 minutes before rinsing. Use 2-3 times a week; wait two days between applications. Use Level 1 for 2 weeks. Then proceed to Levels 2,3,4 , using each for 2 weeks. Levels two and three add increasing proportions of the platinum-esque cream, with level four having none of the pearlescent cream.  After level 4, let skin rest for 2 weeks, then re-start with level 1. Just as with regular dermatological dermabrasion, it is best to avoid prolonged sun exposure of the face.

People attending past spa parties have remarked on the difference in their skin. Good skincare products to use at parties are those with immediate noticeable effects, or an unusual delivery system that sets them apart from items people may have seen in stores. Which products would you like to try at our next meeting?

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