Sunday, December 19, 2010

Deal of the Day-AVON’s Best Kept Secret?

Reps who register for online epromotions get a ‘Deal of the Day” each day in their mailbox. How do you use these amazing deals to build your business?
Here are a few ways some reps share deals of the day.
  1. Hit forward and send them to your contact list of people who have said they would like to receive daily deal alerts.(after a few easy tweaks)
  2. Copy and paste a link to picture of the deal on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  3. Call clients who have ordered these items in the past and offer them a deal.
What ideas do you have for using the Deal of the Day?
Here’s how to do each of the above. If it’s clear as mud let me know so I can improve my writing!
Forwarding eMails

After clicking forward, use cut and paste to alter the email you received to reflect the price you are sending the offer at, as well as other areas. If you are sending an email to a number of people always use the BCC section. People do not want their addresses passed on to others without their permission. Look at the two screen shots below. How many differences can you spot?
Email as forwarded to Client

Rep email

Copy and pasting the link to the deal Picture
  1. Right Click on the picture of the deal
  2. Select “Copy image URl”
  3. Insert into Facebook by left clicking “the insert link”, then right click in the field and select paste
  4. Add your description of the deal below.
Who has the item on their wish list?
Using Companion to place orders can make it easy to track who orders what, or you can use a card file system or set up your own Excel Spreadsheet
Then it’s a simple matter of letting them know the deal is on that day.

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