Monday, November 1, 2010

Everyone loves to save money! With the new $100 FREEBIE you get when your first member joins your team, the great skincare FREEBIE you can get, and the amazing savings available through the Jumpstart flyer-. What’s the greatest savings a couple of friends can get when they join AVON as a team?  Remember to include:
  • $100 FREEBIE when your buddy joins your team
  • $25 in your bank account when your friend joins your team
  • $164 ANEW skin care FREEBIE you can get in the Jump Start!
  • Jump Start savings of up to 78%
  • Advanced Order Money Makers of up to 83%
  • Deal of the Day of up to 83%
State: How much you save in dollars or as a percent. Hmm.. wonder what the potential savings could be over a year? Two years? Remember to leave a link to your Facebook or blog!
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