Monday, January 31, 2011

AVON Skin So Soft-Alternate Uses!

How Do You Use AVON Skin So Soft? 

One of my clients swore by using AVON skin so soft for keeping the bugs away from her racehorses' faces.
It was the one thing that worked and didn't show in drug tests!
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Looking for a list of alternate uses for Skin So Soft?
AVON Representatives may only sell AVON products for the uses they were intended.
However, for entertainment purposes, here’s a ton of different ways people have used Skin So Soft.
Out of desperation, I once used Skin So Soft on  a stain on a white melamine cabinet. Nothing would budge that stain – left the Skin So Soft on it, came back later, and it wiped right off!
I’ve also used it on cooked on crud under burner rings on a stove with great success.
We love Skin So Soft!
It’s an amazing product!

This list of uses is posted on DIY 4 Canada

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