Monday, January 31, 2011

AVON Celebrates 125 Years- Sales Advice Feb.1906

AVON launches new virtual museum. Check out these sales tips from 1906!

AVON Selling Tips February 1906
Time’s up for sleeping! Time to look after your best interests and retain your December clients by giving them “good service”.

 In 1906, the California Perfume company recommended SOAP as being the best seller in February as “soap is indispensible in every household..whether cottage or mansion.” Another product suggested was
Witch Hazel cream for chapped hands, lips and skin. Which of AVON’s current products would you say are indispensable in every household today?

These images are from the new AVON virtual museum. The new AVON virtual museum is a treasure trove of fascinating memorabilia that will appeal to anyone curios about how a book salesman founded the one of the most respected cosmetics and skincare companies in the world. Here are more details about the virtual museum.:
Avon partnered with the Hagley Museum and Library, to create a digital corporate archive including Avon brochures, advertising and product images spanning the company’s 125-year history of empowering women. The mission of the Hagley Museum and Library is to collect, preserve and share the story of great American enterprises. The above clips are from Avon’s digital corporate archive at

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