Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jump Start with Huge Savings!

New members get huge savings on select packages for the first six weeks of their signing.

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Use the savings for yourself ,or do like brick and mortar businesses-
 Have a grand opening sale!
 Many of our newest members have some of their jumpstarts available to others for a limited time, if there was a deal you wished you could have had two of when you started, contact ta new member right away!

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  Vera Fillion, hairstylist., shared these reflrctions on her business start up with us:

It was amazing! I didn't even leave my house! I just showed the books and Jump Starts to my friends and clients, and let them buy at my price as a thank you for customer loyalty.

Vera added,“I love the FREEBIES! and I'm making money too! “  Vera received over $300 in the free items! ; Ultimate Anew set, ($180 val), Luminousity ($60 val),and a Beauty bundle ($75 val).  

Insights into Sales and Hair Care

Vera also added that in the salon business, most of your revenue comes from retail, but home based hairdressers rarely have that aspect available to them. Now Vera’s clients are trying out the new AVON hair care products.
 AVON & Homebased Haircare
- a great combo!
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