Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interavon Revenues to Increase

What’s Happening?

AVON Canada’s new advertising policy has AVON Independent Representatives  scrambling to comply with its latest regulations.  Interavon, a site reps may rent for $18 a year, is the only website representatives may use  for the purpose of selling AVON products.


The decision came after long debate at AVON Canada Headquarters, and understandably so.  On one hand, having the AVON name prolific on the internet, has its advantages; but on the other hand, there are representatives misleading readers into thinking that THEY are AVON Canada. Some of these copyright infringers also make false, or illegal promises in the name of AVON, creating major problems  (but that’s another story).

 Ease of Use

The Interavon site comes with a number of non-descript, pre-written choices in French and English, from which representatives may choose. (See French  example here.) These pre-written scripts allow representatives to be up and running in no time flat.
The Interavon site, recently added more features, attempting to allow non-geeks an opportunity to create more visually appealing pages.
I recently reloaded my site http://interavon.ca/suzanne.sholer, but found the new WYSIWYG editor  buggy and lacking in support. 

One major problem in particular, frustrated the process: the openwebware editing suite converts lowercase commands to uppercase. No problem for most options, but it creates huge blocks of space above any table you wish to insert.  This problem could be helped if AVON were to enable the option for html to be saved directly.
Hopefully, the editing suite will allow greater flexibility before AVON raises the price for site rentals to $26 in September.

My advice?

Grab a site while the rates are still low, and hope for improvements before September. It works, BUT don’t try to insert a table!
Questions and comments welcome!
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