Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened

more cam snaps 001
A funny thing happened a while back as we were doing Fundraising with the Breast Cancer Wallets. People wanted to make taxable donate right on the spot.
We contacted P. at the Breast Cancer Foundation who suggested we register as a team for this October's Run for a Cure and deposit donations in this manner. We have a team page now, and our offline donations should be showing up soon..
Can you help us with a team name for the Run? We'd like a name that reflects our team- something fun, but tasteful. Did you know you don't have to actually run or walk that day to be part of a Run for the Cure team? Please join our team, or contact us by leaving a comment, and we'll do our best to help you put together a team of your own.

Hi! Since there are quite a few Suzanne’s I thught I’d try taking a snap with my webcam. It’s pretty late at night, so if I'm looking just a wee bit tired, it’s because I’m a weeee bit sleepy. I’m really excited about the information booth we're having at the CIBC tomorrow for the Run for the Cure. I just picked up the banners, buttons, info and so on from our local run chair person. My daughter has decided to start her own school team for Scott Young Public School and is creating posters etc. for her bike-a-thon! Looks looks an exciting summer ahead! 

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