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Success Tips: Renewal Intentions, Teamwork

Better Biz through Renewal, Intentions and Teamwork :Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine

This great article comes from Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine. It shows how working together with great team members like ours can lead to greater success. What do you think we can do to make our team even better?
By Tracey Ehman on Feb 14 2011 • Filed under Business
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The start of the year is always a time for renewal – a time when many struggle to make New Year’s resolutions, with the intention to keep at least one of them. But I think that many people are like me; they don’t make resolutions anymore, because they rarely, if ever, keep them. Instead I use the beginning of every month to set intentions and break up what could be called resolutions into small bite-sized pieces.
That being said, the start of a new year always makes me think of new things to try and new goals. The best way to do that is to revisit what you have achieved and what went well in the year before. In 2010, I was able to almost triple my client base. I took several courses to increase my knowledge and the level and quality of service I could offer my clients.
I found great support from other business owners, and learned from them as well. As I look back on what has been one of the toughest years of my life, I can see how much I have accomplished, and how much having support of others made it go much more smoothly than anticipated, and it only moves me to create an even better 2011.
How can you achieve more in 2011? Take a look back at 2010. Examine what worked and
what didn’t. Think about what you could have done to get over some of the hurdles you experienced in 2011. Did you have support during the year? Or, were you doing it all on your own? As a friend and coach of mine, Teresia LaRocque, asks, “Did you have the Lone Ranger mentality?”
Does that sound like you? Now, I ask you, what do you think you could have accomplished if you had had some help and support from an individual or team working with you to help you achieve your goal(s)? Do you think you would have achieved more? Crossed more off of your “to do” list? My belief is that you definitely could have gotten closer to your goals for 2010 if you had help.
It’s a new year, with new intentions. I challenge you to find yourself a team to help you have the best year yet!

Your challenge:
Grab your journal and your favourite pen and write down the following:
  • What did you accomplish last year? What do you feel proud of? What needs improvement?
  • What are some of the things you'd like to accomplish this year? Can you break down the steps you need to get you to those goals?
  • What can you accomplish before the end of the month? What are some things you can do now that will build towards your overall goal?
  • Do you have a coach, team, or mentor to help you? If not, brainstorm some ways of putting together a team. Can you hire some help? Recruit help from among your fellow business colleagues and friends? Join a mastermind group and/or a networking group? Take some time and decide  which of these ideas you feel would work best for you, and pursue it.

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