Sunday, February 27, 2011

AVON Canada Launches New InfoClick

InfoClick AVON Canada’s new eNewsletter for Reps, highlights news from AVON Canada’s Rep Cafe. Often, with our busy lives reps don’t take the time to login and visit the AVON Canada Rep Cafe, and sometimes reps don’t even realize it even exists.I  hope you received your copy of the New InfoClick in your inbox this morning, and it didn’t end up in your junk folder. I think this will be a helpful tool and make it easier for reps to find the AVON Canada Rep Cafe without having to login to read it. How do you think this tool will help you with your business?
This first issue of InfoClick contains:
  • A note from Kristina Swift (head of leadership) guest editor for the first InfoClick
  • A link to leadership tips from an Advanced Unit leader in Alberta-some great ideas here!
  • Highlights of the PC Council Members and Senior Executive Unit Leaders trip to Costa Rica this year.
  • Link to info on the fabulous prizes we can win when we put in orders in C6,7, and 8.

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