Saturday, January 8, 2011

Facebook Following

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People like to go where other people are. One way to develop more followers and get your name out there is by participating in a Facebook Following train.
I just took part in my first Facebook page following train, hopping from page to page leaving a comment and link on each one. Basically you add your blog or link to the list, then  visit the other links on the list “Liking” the pages and leaving a comment with a link to your page. The Facebook Following Train used a “Linky Blog Hop” tool with people putting a link to their Facebook Fan page instead of their Blog.
While the comments I left were not terribly awe-inspiring, I did take the time to check out sites and search for an adsense ad I was interested in and give it a click. It cost me nothing, I found some interesting products, and KA-CHING!adsense put .02 in their adsense account. (I think of it as a hostess gift.) When a visiting a site, please don’t go click happy or waste your time on uninteresting ads, just pick the one which most interests you, this may help improve the quality of ads seen on the internet.
If you would like help setting up a Facebook Fan page for your business, or information about making money with Google adsesnse contact me.
It was quite informative, seeing how others arrange their Facebook pages, and seeing the variety of topics people are writing about. It was also great to get some comments on my page, so it doesn’t feel as if I’m strictly in a conversation with Me, Myself and I.  Now I have yet another list of items I wish to learn in greater depth. Hopefully some of my new writer friends will help me out. This is the list of pages I visited:

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