Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dry Skin? Grab this Deal of the Day!

   Moisture Therapy Pack Huge Savings to pass on to your customers!
Five pieces include:
Moisture Therapy Intensive Body Lotion, 400 ml
- Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Cream, 125 ml
- Moisture Therapy Intensive Lip Ointment SPF 15, 15 ml
- Moisture Therapy Intensive Moisturizing Lip Treatment SPF 15, 15 ml
- Moisture Therapy Intensive Extra Strength Cream, 150 g
Reg. Value: 30.45
Can you guess the AVON member price? It's amazing! If you are not a rep and can guess the price, you can win it at my price.  Remember – Don’t keep the deal of the day the world’s best secret! Pass on  savings to your customers! You chose the price  it’s your business. Remember the Deal of the Day price is what you pay, and taxes are charged on the deal price.

Not receiving the Deal of the Day? The Deal of the Day has incredible savings you can pass on to customers. Everyone likes a deal! Are you receiving the Deal of the Day email from AVON?  Check out the article in our members only section for tips on how to use the Deal of the Day to increase your business.  Email me  for help.

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Suzanne Sholer – Leader: Future Dynamics
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