Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Make Print Advertising Pay Off

Print advertising (business cards, flyers, banners, vehicle signage) pays off when you have a call to action focused on your highest paying activity. Whether you print your own business promotional tools, use free samples from VistaPrint Canada who offers Free Business Cards, Free business Cards Magnets etc. or have print materials created at a local printer like NPMedia Business Solutions, have a call to action in all your materials consistently focused on your HPA.

What action is most likely to bring you business? A phone call? Email? A visit to your website or blog? Following you on Facebook or Twitter? Whichever it is, make it the predominant focus of your materials.

Even on VistaPrint Canada , you can tweak standard business cards to your liking, by ignoring field labels and inserting information you want. No Fax? Make the phone number field into a directive: “Call today!” and place your phone number in the fax field. Need help navigating Vista Print’s site? Give me a call.

So Stop scratching your phone number on a dirty napkin! Get 250 biz cards FREE! from Vista Print, grab some blank business cards from the dollar store, or pick up the phone and call Suzanne Castell at NP Media Business Solutions 705-799-8080 and get the word out today!

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