Monday, October 11, 2010

Slow Computer? Here are Some tips!

Computer taking ages to get going on the internet? Here are three things I do that might help you too. How do you help your computer run faster? (Links are under construction. Email or call me if you need help with this now.)

1. Do a Disk Clean Up

When we go online, our computers save bits of information about  websites we visit, (helpful if our computer suddenly shuts down, and we’d like to get back to where we were quickly). This info builds up after awhile, clogging computer memory with stuff we no longer need. Running a quick “Disk Clean Up” at least once a week can help your computer run faster, and help prevent crashes. This requires no extra equipment, and is free!
Click HERE for Instructions on How to do a Disk Clean Up. (Link under Construction)

2. Change your home page to “about:blank”

Often home pages get set by browsers like Internet Explorer, to a site full of interactive, moving ,flashing ads. This can take a long time to get online, plus can cost more in internet usage. Setting your home page to “about:blank” can save you time, and may even save you money! It’s quick, free and fairly easy.
Click HERE for Instructions on How to Change Your Home Page (Link under Construction)

3. Save Important Info Outside Your Computer

Anything saved on computers can slow down their operation, since it takes up memory space. Plus if the computer crashes, we have to pay someone to  retrieve it for us. There are two ways to save info outside your computer: on a storage device you purchase (disk,USB, storage drive) or online.  I recommend both. There is free online storage available, and offline storage devices save a ton of money and aggravation, too. Offline storage devices have the added advantage of not needing an internet connection to get to your info. Whereas, online storage, can let you have your info even when you forget to bring  your storage device.
Click HERE for more info on How to Save Cash by Saving Your Info Online. (Link under Construction)
Click HERE fore more info on How to Save Cash by Saving Your Info Offline. (Link under Construction)

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