Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Introduce Customers to something New!

Here’s a great tip we picked up from a top sales person in Toronto: When something is on sale,for a fabulous deal, like the new platinum trial sizes for 1.99. Pick it up! Give it as a gift to customers who aren’t using that product line yet. It is important to give new products to customers as gifts, rather than products they are already ordering.This rep gave the the example of purchasing the foot works at 1.99-gave 14 as gifts-resulting in 6 people loving the product and ordering it on a regular basis. The important part, she said is giving a follow-up call to ask how they liked the product. The new platinum serum and day cream are designed with super seniors in mind-as this is a brand new product, all our customers in this age range would probably love to try this new product!

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