Saturday, September 25, 2010

Current Brochures

Here are links to the Current Brochures and order dates for our team members. You can copy and paste them onto any social networking site; such as Facebook, My Space, Linked In ,or Twitter.
 The brochures:
 Campaign 19  Campaign 20 and Campaign 21
 also What's New Demo Books 22 and 23
(Click HERE for Members only links and tips on offering What's New Deals to your customers)
Who orders When: 
Sunday Oct.3rd  -  Dist 330 
First Chance at Outlet Items. Really want something from an Outlet? Contact a Rep from Dist. 330
Monday Oct.4th : Dist 307
Tues. Oct.5th :  Dist.380.
Mon.Oct. 11th : Dist.331 Last chance for Campaign 19 and What's New 22!
Ordering TIPS:
Want a Quick and Easy Way to Order for yourself from the current Campaign? Check out this easy ordering tip!
Want to find the best deal without going through each book? Check out this nifty ordering trick!
Want to avoid last minute order crunch:? Check out this easy ordering tip! You can enter orders a few days ahead of time, save them, then just hit “Submit” on order day! Just make sure you enter the Campaign that is due in the box on your site.
Going to be away on Order Day? See this handy ordering Tip!  You can hit submit before order day, but any additional order percentages are calculated separately.
Want to save the most mney possible? Check out these super savings tips!
Running out of Time and your order is due? Check out this tip to avoid a late charge!

Sneak Peek Brochures: Look What's Coming! Click HERE for Member only links to advance brochures.

You can always find links to the brochures online when you login to your AVON account at  Links to the What’s New Demo books can be found at in the section: "Before you Order." and also on our exclusive members only site.

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