Thursday, September 9, 2010

AVON Canada Announces Exciting New Changes for Members!

On Tuesday, Sept. 8th, Kristina Swift unveiled exciting new changes to the AVON Opportunity. Kristina,head of leadership division, while unveiling the new fall FREEBIE incentive, showed how AVON was going to be paying out more in bonuses, prizes and commissions to representatives than ever before.

Here are some of the Highlights from my perspective (links to come)

  1. FALL FREEBIE- Fabulous Freebie for new members joining between Sept.6 and Oct.8 a nice mixed FREEBIE pack worth over $125 When a new member puts in a $125 retail order (not our price) See Details HERE.
  2. Fall Signing bonuses- Have  friends who like Freebies, saving money,or could use some extra money? Get $25 when you you help each one join and qualify like you did PLUS get a $100 FREEBIE pack yourself when your first friend qualifies. Get up to an additional $100 per each friend each campaign you and your friends qualify up to Campaign 26! Remember to put in your $125 retail qualifying order each time to get these bonuses. Doing this will put you on the fast track to leadership and the new S.T.A.R. Program! See Details HERE.
  3. UNIT Leader Qualifications & Increased Compensation - easier than ever to maintain leadership and qualify for bonuses Still only need 4 members to qualify as a unit leader. Now Unit leaders will get more compensation from other levels, and maintenance bonuses will be easier to achieve! See details HERE.
  4. NEW AVON  S.T.A.R. Program This S.T.A.R. program replaces the PCA program -now includes all 1st 10 campaigns towards reaching bigger savings/earnings levels. AVON S.T.A.R.s who have $4K in sales in their first 10 Campaigns combined will receive 35% off all AVON products as soon as they hit this goal. The new S.T.A.R. program replaces the old PCA program, and includes all Reps who are now in their 1st to 10th Campaigns. This S.T.A.R. goal will be easy to hit with Christmas coming, so we’re all looking forward to having lots of Super S.T.A.R.s on our team! Help one of your members become a S.T.A.R.and receive a $75 bonus! See more Details HERE.
  5. Lots more Great bonuses for Advanced Unit Leaders, Executive Unit Leaders, and Senior Exec’s too!

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