Sunday, August 22, 2010

FREE Training Webinars!

Register now for Tuesday’s Webinar! Training Contact 4 – Explore Your Full Potential (Aug. 24th),  This is a brand new training topic!

AVON offers its members a ton of sales training that people can apply to other businesses too! Click the Webinar Schedule link at the bottom your Representative website home page for the list of upcoming webinars and the registration links. You can also replay webinars! Simply click the Webinar Replay link from your Representative website home page to download a list of links for replaying previous webinars (valid for 10 days after the webinar). Upcoming topics include Training Contact 2 – Build a Beautiful Business (Sep. 7th) and Fire up Your Sales with Fundraising (Sep. 13th). Mark your calendar, and keep checking the webinar schedule for future topics and dates

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