Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blemishes Be Gone- Product Testimonial

Clearskin Professional
My name is Emily R___  and I am going to talk about how I am using Avon's Clearskin Professional on my face and back.
I started using Clearskin Professional on my face, Thursday February 11, 2010.
The FIRST STEP is using Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub.
I do this step in the morning and at night.
I noticed that when I put the Deep Pore Cleaning Scrub on my face, I got a tingling feeling all over my face and that my pimples came up to the surface.
To use the Deep Pore Cleansing product you need to apply it to wet hands and rub it well all over your entire face.
Once this is done,  rinse well with water until all traces of cleanser has been removed.
Sometimes  my face becomes dry, and when this happens I will only do it once during the day.
Once this is done you go to STEP TWO.
With step two you use the Clarifying Toner Pads.
Once again I will use the Clarifying Toner Pads in the morning and at night.
When applying use the textured side to cleanse dry skin.
Gently smooth the product over your face in an upward and outward motion.
When you are doing this you get the feeling that all the dirt is coming out of your face.
Once this is done you go to STEP THREE.
With Step Three you use the Daily Correcting Lotion.
To use this product make sure that you have cleansed skin thoroughly before you use the product.
Apply a thin layer of product to affected area ,one to three times daily.
If excessive drying of the skin occurs, start with one application daily, then gradually increase to two to three times daily if needed.
I noticed that when I do this step the redness of my pimples settles down and my skin looks clear.
Because I started to notice a different in how my face looks, I  started to use the product on my back-nee. image
I would like to give a BIG THANKS to Suzanne Sholer for introducing me to CLEARSKIN PROFESSIONAL.
And remember, if you pop a pimple, ten will come to its funeral. so remember to use Clearskin Professional.  It does make a difference.
Note: Since the writing of this testimonial, AVON has a new product specifically for “back-nee.”
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About the Author: Emily R.  is an active teen in Ontario, Canada who has a wide variety of interests including: animals, playing music, and drama.

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